Werner Herzog Reads Madeline

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The voice acting is so good you might be deceived into thinking this is actually Werner Herzog. Although that would be amazing, this is actually by Ryan Iverson. He has a collection of Werner Herzog Reads... on his site.

but being children their concept of good and evil was not fully-formed and it would shock a grown person how much gray area existed along their moral compass. In truth, children are next door to sociopaths.

Among the many astute observations any parent will have no trouble recognizing.

To the tiger in the zoo Madeline just said "Pooh-Pooh". Smug in her knowledge that the tiger already caged and broken was no threat. The tiger dreams only of death.

European style existentialism in a children's book. 😂

But who is this strange man watching the girls furtively from the edge of the pond? We shall never know.

I've read Madeline to my children many times and never noticed.