Dynamic DNS Server §

I use AWS Route53 for DNS and want some DNS records to be updated when the (dynamic) public IP address I have from my ISP changes. My router has a DDNS client that can update several common DNS services but does not support Route53. This project implements a simple endpoint using API Gateway and Lambda to update DNS records in Route53 using the Custom Dynamic DNS options provided.

AWS Infra for Static Site §

I recently started using Hugo and hosting the resulting static site on AWS. The infastructure needs are fairly simple (DNS, object storage, cdn, and associated access policies) so I thought I would explore automating the creation of those resources using a few different ways of managing AWS resources.

Cloudformation - Infra for Static Site §

Terraform - Infra for Static Site §

CDK - Infra for Static Site §

Serverless - Infra for Static Site §