Hey! I'm Charlie. I'm a DevOps practitioner and platform engineer at Northwoods.

I'm passionate about system administration and scalable, resilient systems!

See my talk on DevOps at Devops Days Columbus in 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua5gTyZ5Vjc

I took a circuitous path into IT work, majoring in history and working as a bank teller for two years before starting out as a junior solutions architect. After spending eight years as a solutions architect working on Windows and Microsoft SQL Server and three years as a product owner building document management software I transitioned into web operations. For the past seven years now I've been architecting, scaling, and monitoring a web platform on AWS for enabling social workers.

These books were my gateway into the field and still have a lot of wisdom to impart more than seven years on!

If I'm not reading a new book, I might be tinkering with my homelab where I have some Ubiquiti and Ruckus networking gear, Untangle, Ubuntu Server, Pi-hole, HomeAssistant, FreeNAS1, and ESXi2.

  1. at some point to be replaced with Ubuntu Server/ZFS ↩︎

  2. at some point to be replaced with Ubuntu Server/Docker ↩︎